Music has always been a strong influence in my life. Born & raised in the small town of Chalmette, Louisiana, I’ve been performing since a very young age.

From visiting my great-grandmother‘s nursing home & performing for her behind her room dividing curtain, & performing shows in my Dad’s band’s practice space, to singing in choir & playing clarinet in my middle school band, my passion for musicianship continued to deepen.

At 14 I attended my 1st concert. It solidified my desire to become a professional singer & performer. I began vocal lessons between the age of 15-16 and continue them presently. The vocal lessons not only helped develop my technique, breath control, & tone, but they’ve also  enhanced my performance skills.

After high school, I went to college in New Orleans & studied music business. During that time I started doing more things to try to get in the entertainment industry, from extra work in films to modeling jobs - anything I could do to get exposure & make connections. 

After college I’ve continued developing myself as an artist & attending concerts to study some of my favorite artists. Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Prince, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Jay Z, & Kanye West have all been major influences on me as an artist.

Finally it’s time to share my own music with the whole world! I hope everyone enjoys it as much I enjoyed creating it.

God bless you all